Alumni Field


The most important trait of any successful team or program is great preparation.

Hard work and dedication have always been the cornerstone of Alleman Athletics. One of the biggest challenges our athletic programs always had prior to the installation of Alumni Field was to overcome is the condition of our old practice field.

Our new field has greatly benefited not only our historic football program but also Alleman physical education classes, strength and conditioning programs, and other outdoor sports programs by providing a consistent and safe surface for athletes to train and prepare for their prospective sports.

The Alleman community came together to help make Alumni Field a reality and help give future Pioneers the best opportunity to carry on the pride and tradition of Alleman High School.

Programs that currently benefit from using Alumni Field:

  • Alleman Football

  • Alleman Physical Education Classes

  • Alleman Offseason & Summer Strength and Conditioning Programs

  • Boys & Girls Soccer

  • Boys & Girls Track & Field

  • Cheerleading

  • Booster Boy Youth Football Practices