Counseling Department


  • Our Counselors value the unique God given gifts and traits of our individual students.

  • We help to foster their growth and personal development to develop a balanced lifestyle by encouraging them to be self-sufficient, independent critical thinkers that can self advocate, and that can make morale, healthy and positive choices for their lives.  

  • We are committed to providing high quality, comprehensive academic, college, and career advisement to help our students find their own successful path. 

Counselors serve the needs of our students in the areas of academic, career, college and social emotional health and well-being to help them be successful in high school and for their path beyond high school.

Lynn VanDeHeede
Director of Counseling

Becky Hatlestad

College Resources

Formal Testing at Alleman Catholic High School

Alleman Catholic High School is dedicated to providing every opportunity for our students to be successful in the area of academics. Providing students with yearly formal testing gives the faculty and administration information on student performance and progress. It also provides the student with valuable opportunities to identify skill strengths and weaknesses and with information on how to improve based on their testing performance.

Overview of Formal Testing At Alleman