Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees - 2024-2025 School Year

Parish Rate
A parish-affiliated student is one from a family that is a participating member (spiritually & financially) in one of the 15 Rock Island Vicariate Parishes that support Alleman Catholic High School.

  • 1st Student — $6,350

  • 2nd Student — $4,100

  • 3rd Student — No charge (Fees only)

  • 4th Student — No charge (Fees only)

Non-Parish Rate

A non-parish affiliated student is either a non-Catholic or from a Catholic family not affiliated with a Rock Island Vicariate Parish.

  • 1st Student — $8,000

  • 2nd Student — $5,750

  • 3rd Student — No charge (Fees only)

  • 4th Student — No charge (Fees only)

International Student

  • Full Year — $12,775

  • One Semester — $6,387.50

Tuition & Fee Payment Plan Information

Alleman High School uses FACTS Tuition Management Company to process tuition and fee payments. One Payment and 10 Payment options are available for families. In June families will be sent their tuition and fee information. Families can set up automatic ACH payments or can be invoiced monthly either by mail or email. Cash and check payments will be accepted at school and applied to the family’s FACTS account. 

An annual $45 FACTS fee is assessed families that use the 10-month payment option.  

Payment Plan: 1 Payment Option
Month August
Payment Day August 20th
FACTS Enrollment Fee No Fee

Payment Plan: 10 Payment Option
Month(s) August - May
Payment Days 5th or 20th of the Month
FACTS Enrollment Fee $45

Alleman Catholic High School strives to ensure Catholic education is possible for every family wanting to join the Pioneer community!

General Fee ($400/student)
The General Fee is non-refundable and pays for the student’s school newspaper, yearbook, athletic pass, standardized testing, library services, school loaned hard-bound textbooks and e-textbooks, online resource database subscriptions annual drug screening test as required by the Diocese of Peoria, and school sponsored religious retreats, reenrollment free, parking, and annually replenished science lab supplies. This also includes the use of a school issued Chromebook, associated academic resources, device security, and one Chromebook repair.

Depending on the courses your student is registered for, there may be additional materials to purchase through the school bookstore at the start of each semester. (examples: Foreign Language Workbooks or P.E. Clothes)